Alternate Me.

Alternate Me.

I’m struggling, swamped and under stress,
My easy life lived in duress.
I have the tools at my right hand,
Inertia keeps my efforts damned.

I want to change my life’s outcome,
Alternate Me is not a bum.
Alternate Me is happy see,
But he’s not here… I’m left with me.

Each failure spells a negative score,
Alternate’s knocking on the door.
Alternate’s pounding, shouts at me,
He wants a turn, but not likely.

Alternate Me wants to come through,
Cuz then he’ll mean much more to you.
But as I wave this Me away,
He may not come another day.

I’m struggling, swamped and under stress
My easy life lived in duress
Alternate’s gone, I do decree
The only person left here’s me.


Love myself? Not today, thanks.

Some people just give away all of their love
By then it’s too late as it can’t build back up.
We have to take care that our cupboard’s not bare,
Cuz just when we need some for us it’s not there.

But doesn’t our love have infinite reserve?
Does giving mean re-charging all we deserve?
When pissing away your emotional wealth
You have to save something to give to yourself.

The mountain. (Tower of strength)

Was once so strong, a sight so proud
Much time has passed, it stood unbowed
But now erosion takes pay back
As pride it comes before a crack

Rock slides come and landslides go
They didn’t fear these small stones though
But over time, there comes the start.
A toll much greater than each part

The tower of strength it’s now no more
No behemoth, no solid core
Not even such enormity
Can live for all eternity.

The silver spooned c**t

Ev’ryone look, it’s the silver spooned cunt,
Bitchin and moaning bout what he don’t want.
Ev’ryone listen, he cries and he shouts,
Well soon he’ll get something worth crying about.

Ev’ryone hush, hear what he’s got to say,
The silver spooned asshole demands it that way.
Ev’ryone cheer when he thinks he’s done good,
When folks the world over are starving for food.

Ev’ryone stop look at his work of art,
It comes from the pit of his plastic black heart.
Ev’ryone love him the silver spooned fool,
He needs all your love and he wants to be cool.

Ev’ryone smile when he tells you a joke,
He’s doesn’t have thick skin like most normal folk.
Ev’ryone lookout or you’ll bear the brunt,
Of a self obsessed creature, the silver spooned cunt.